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ไทยฟ้อนต์ ดอตอินโฟ

eFront LMS Thai Edition

eFront LMS Thai Edition : อีฟร้อนต์อีเลิร์นนนิ่ง ไทยอิดิชั่น

eFront is a modern learning and training platform (also known as a Course Management System, or Learning Management System or Virtual Learning Environment).

eFront is designed to help create online courses with opportunities for rich interaction. It comes with a distinctive icon-based user interface that is intuitive to use. The platform offers a wide range of features from content creation, test builder, project management, extended statistics, internal messaging system, forum, chat, surveys and more. It is a SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 compliant and certified system. eFront is a multilingual platform offered in several languages.

Several features of the platform (e.g., skills management, organization structure, supervisor role) make it especially suitable for inner organization usage, especially at training or human resource management departments.

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